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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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board and no e at the controls. just within the past hour, we've learned it appears that operator error may be to blame here. hello everyone. i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. our crews heard reports of delays but nobody new exactly what was going on until we started asking questions. that train traveled nine minutes with no conductor. it passed through four stations before the mbta eventually cut power, bringing it to a stop. one rider sharing his story with this picture of the operate or's controls, only with fox 25 when he realized something was going terribly wrong, he went looking for answers. >> we're started knocking at the conductor's door, trying to communicate, there was no response. >> mark: robert goulston spoke to that man exclusively, more of his interview in just a moment. stephanie quinu dig deeper into team protocol. was it unusual for a conductor to leave the controls, but we begin our team coverage with
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with investigator, trying to get to the bottom of this. >> the reporter: well, mark, i asked transportation secretary stephanie pollack about these passengers' reports about a cord being wrapped around what they believed was an accelerator in the cab of this operator and she said it's all part of a very active investigation. an investigation she says that focuses specifically and primarily on operator error. and we know tonight, that it was a nightmare commute for about 50 passengers on the redline. take a look at this video. sources tell me, 28 years, mbta veteran david vasquez was the operator of this train. pollack would not confirm his identity, but she told reporters the operator could not start the train this morning. because of a signal issue. and put it into what's been called bypass mode, what is called bypass mode and then that operator stepped off the train. both sets of brakes on the train
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vasquez sustained minor none of the passengers on the train were hurt. transit police tell fox 25 the inbound train went four stops from brain free to north quincy without this operator on board. mbta engineers had to deactivate the third rail to slow the train down for someone to jump on and stop it, taking passengers through to the j.f.k.-us mass stop where they got off the train. secretary pollack called this incident unacceptable and says there are a two layer system so that this kind of thing doesn't happen. >> about nine minutes after the initial call that the train itself was operating without a motor person, the train came to a stop, outside of north quincy station. >> we have two layers of protection for our passengers. the first layer of protection are the procedures and the requirements that are supposed tjqymc [m2r2 layer of protection is ensuring that our personnel actually follow those procedures.
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determine both whether our existing procedures, if followed correctly, were sufficient to protect the safety of our passengers, and if not, we will obviously make changes in those procedures. and it will also investigate the extent to which the required procedures may or may not have been followed. >> now some passengers told us that they believe the train was speeding at the time of this incidents tanned when a train is in bypass mode, it's not supposed to exceed 25 miles per hour, but they're still validating the speed of the train in this incident. this afternoon, governor charlie baker told reporters that the train controls had been manipulate and the initial inspection found tampering. all part of the initial investigation. now an mbta spokesman tells me that operator again, as we identify him as vasquez on paid leave tonight and coming up at 6:00 p.m., i'm going to tell you why the system that are prevents collisions on mbta trains were
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for now, reporting in the transportation building in boston, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: let's take a closer look at the redline route. in this area. there are six stations from braintree on up to the j.f.k.-umass stop. the mbta says this runway tree departed braintree at 6:08 a.m. a passenger we spoke with told us the train started picking up speed after it passed through quincy center station right here. she said there were no emergency messages. the train did not stop until the t cut the power line, that was some nine minutes later. the six cars that made up the train that came to a halt just after north quincy over here. they were taken on to a j.f.k. stop where eventually the people were taken off, but that's just over five miles from braintree. >> vanessa: readers inside the train understandably started getting worried when they were not stopping at any of the stations. or robert goulston tracked down one man who said he broke the operator compartment door open to discover nobody was driving the train. this is a picture he took inside. robert continues our team
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story and an interview you'll news. >> the reporter: when that train left braintree, it was supposed to stop here at quincy avenue, but the train kept going, all the way past north quincy. we did talk to one rider, who was right outside that operate or compartment door, he says when he got inside, he saw a microphone cord like this one wrapped around the train controller, it's a photo that he took, and now he's sharing it with investigators. >> he said, good morning, good morning. >> the reporter: it was a typical morning right up until the train started moving out of braintree, heading to boston. several riders telling us the train just kept going, even through the stations. >> then on the second stop, quincy center, just went through, like, very high speed. >> we just flew right through and there were people on the platform and i'm like, oh my god, so now i'm nervous. i'm like, this isn't right.
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>> we started knocking at the conductor's door and there was no responsism. by that time the light went off after the mbta shut off the three rail power. another passenger pulled the emergency stop and the train stopped just past quincy. >> i opened the door and when i entered there, i saw empty cabin new york stock exchange conductor. -- no conductor. >> the reporter: fox 25 obtained this exclusive photo, taken moments after the train was stopped by the mbta. passengers say they saw the p.a. microphone seen in the lower right, wrapped around the train's controller, holding it in the full speed position. >> when i shaw that, i just, you know, did he kill himself, is he trying to kill us or what, because the conductor was not in there. >> and these riders understandably upset and concerned, especially not knowing exactly what happened, and why this all happened. tonight at 6:00 p.m., we'll share more of some of their observations they made right after that train stopped and they were able to get into the operator's compartment.
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rocket earth goulston, fox 25. >> vanessa: the mbta started letting passengers to -- alerting passengers to trouble on the redline. at 6:05 a.m., the redline was experiencing minor delays in both directions due to a signal problem at braintree station. we know from the governor that the train then left braintree on its own at 6:08 a.m. at 6:21 a.m., the tree alerted that the redline was experiencing moderate delays due to what was being called a power issue. then at 6:25 p.m., the mbta said the red lined was experiencing severe delays due to a disabled line. stephanie quinu is digging deeper into the protocols on board the mbta trains. what conductors do every ride to keep riders safe and the old safety measure one safety expert says he wants to bring back. that's all new in our next half-hour on the fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. >> mark: the mbta is ending contracts with several firms associated with the green line expansion project, the
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fox 25 investigates revealed the mbta knew the cost of the project was spiraling out of control. as it stands right now, the project is projected to be $1 billion over budget. and today, the t also told fox 25 that they were entering a transitional period, which means no new constructional work will be awarded for the time of course, but construction already under contract, that can continue. the project would extend green line service to medford and somerville. >> a cloudy but unseasonably warm night in the city of boston. storm tracker meteorologist rob eiker is talking about the warm temperatures. >> the reporter: the temperatures will be as warm and in some cases a little warmer than our normal day tame temperatures for the first part of december. got up to 58 this afternoon in bidar-sielaff, but 60 in plymouth, norwood, new bedford,
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this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon will be a similar, still very mild, hour after sunset, got 50 degrees in boston right now. only issue as we head through the overnight hours, a possibility of some dense fog, keene reporting zero visibility. orange, visibility down to a mile. we'll see the fog build across nashua and portsmouth over the next hour or two, so if you look out for patchy dense fog until 88:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. 45 in boston. maybe some upper 30's in the usual cool spots, but usually warm for december. coming up, we'll talk about how long it will last. >> mark: donald trump in new hampshire for his first g.o.p. event after he said muslims should be banned from coming into the country. >> vanessa: sharman sachetti is on the campaign trail. the announcement seems to be helping his numbers. >> the reporter: we're at the sheraton and this is where donald trump will be speaking later tonight, take part in the new england police benevolent
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it's unclear if trump will get the endorsement of the board. it comes on the heels of yet another poll showing donald trump in the lead with 35% of the vote. that's despite his recent comments about banning muslims from the united states. earlier today, trump said he did have a good shot of becoming the nominee. but i'm leading in every poll by a lot, it looks like i'm going to win. my whole life has been about winning. i'm not like, so many of the other people you talk to that are essentially losers, ok. i know how to win. i intend to win. it's the best way of beating the democrats. if i get the domination. >> we are expecting donald trump to take the stage here tonight at 7:45 p.m., we'll bring you the latest coming up at 10:00 p.m. in portsmouth, new hampshire, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: today the founder and co-c.e.o. of chipotle apologized toker 1 who got sick after recent at the chain in recent weeks. 141 boston college students reported norovirus simms tom
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cleveland circled this past weekend. 47 people in nine states have been infected with e. coli tied to the burrito chain. >> it has been a tough few weeks for patriots fans for sure, but today at practice, there was one big reason to be excited. i mine, big. practice field. he was wearing a brace on the injured knee and is listed as questionable for sunday night's game against the texans. the patriots are trying to avoid their first losing streak since 2002. >> vanessa: a local familiar's tonight. neighbors facing charges. >> mark: why that woman wanted to get rid of her neighbor's pet. >> vanessa: bomb threats and robberies happening since 2013. how investigators finally tracked down a man wanted for a crime spree that's lasted two years. >> mark: at 5:45 p.m., our must-see story of the day.
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back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. >> mark: tension in a salem courtroom as the trial of an
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chism is delayed once again. closing statements in the high profile case set to start tomorrow. >> vanessa: phillip chism is on trial fontano the murder of danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer but a sudden illness is bringing the trial to a standstill. bob, this delay not going over well with colleen ritzer's family. >> the reporter: no. it is not at all. you know, the last two years have been absolutely gut wrenching for the family of colleen ritzer and here we are, now on the eve of what was supposed to be closing statements, maybe even a verdict in this case, but now there's a delay at least until monday as the lead defense attorney suddenly comes down sick. >> it is relevant to the issues at hand before this jury. >> that is chism defense lead attorney denise regan earlier in the day, trying to persuade the judge to allow one more defense witness in this trial, a move that, if granted, most certainly would have delayed closing
5:16 pm
but hours later, after phillip chism himself asked to be sent back to a cell early, you with see attorney regan by chism's side who made the request, which was granted. her co-counsel said a stomach flu delayed the defense attorney. the sudden illness means, no closing statements until at least monday and that just added to the tension in the courtroom. >> there is a human cost to every delay in this case, and that is all i will say. for once, i'm listening to the voices in my head that tells me not so say everything i'm thinking. >> the judge said no for. >> there is no evidence that brain scans or schizophrenia have a significant impact on malingering tests. >> so right now, this trial is on hold, right now, it appears, it will resume on monday with closing statements.
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in this trial before. we'll see what happens on monday. we will be here. live in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: and when the phillip chism verdict comes down, you'll see it right here on fox 25 and you will also get an alert on your fox 25 app. >> mark: high bail for a new hampshire man accused of participating in several armed robberies and a bomb threat. the man turned himself into pelham new hampshire police. one of the crimes stretches back to 2013. in 2014, he robbed two stores at gunpoint and 2015, the same store was robbed again during one of the crimes, zate h & r block a was wearing a motorcycle helmet. police found that helmet at his home. >> the reporter: all right. areas of dense fog forming out there right now and that's likely to be with us in spots, kind of hit or miss through most of the night until 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning,
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but the other big story is the unusual warm, almost record breaking record. not just the next couple of days but through the weekend, even into the early part of next week, it comes to an end monday night into tuesday when the next good soaking rain. 50 in boston. the numbers unusually warm for the middle of the afternoon and an hour after sunset, we're still warm. 51 in hyannis. keene, 43 degrees an we're keeping an eye on keene. already have dense fog forming there. if you look at the winds right now, where we do have a wind, it's generally blowing in from the south, southerly wind, usually brings very mild weather and we're going to see south to southwesterly winds for the next several days, and that's why we're expecting such mild temperatures, but winds are light and in many areas, dead calm and it's that calm wind that could allow some fog to develop and again, already is keene. so do look out for that till 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. a frontal bound wrightbol just off the screen here, just on the
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you can already tell, some high thin clouds streaming in. university of texas ahead of that, so we'll call it partly cloudy tonight with patchy fog and the front is not going to have a huge impact on our we are for a couple of days, other than to bring us the cloud cover. tomorrow, we'll start off like today, some fog, 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m., until 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, cloudy through the morning hours, with a little bit more sunshine in the afternoon, but we remain on the mild side of the front for a couple of days. the air on the other side of the front is quite a bit cooler, but notice how the front hangs out north of us, through friday, through saturday, so we get a mild day tomorrow, mild day on saturday, now, sunday will be a little bit tricky, because the front looks like it's going to sag just south enough, flittette split the area in half. -- split the area in half. mild in boston. one of toes days with there's a big difference in the temperatures in the north shore and the temperatures in the south shore. a 10-degree drop in temperatures from one side of the front to the other. some of us will be mild on sunday. some of us will be cooler, but
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to the north as we head into sunday afternoon and here comes our next weathermaker, that's to tuesday. down to 45 tonight in boston. 50, that's the low temperature expected in nantucket. now, some of the usual cool spots, norwood, fitchburg, upper 30's, but the vast majority of time of year and look at the high temperatures for tomorrow. upper 50's to low 60's, just as warm as it was out there this afternoon. if you like that, you'll like the weekend. there it is, your weekend always in view with the seven-day forecast. 60 in boston on saturday. some spots, a little bit warmer than that. again, sunday kind of tricky, because some of our northern sections will be cooler, but fairly mild for most of us on sunday afternoon. best chance of rain in that seven-day forecast coming monday night in to tuesday. that rain will be accompanied by a pretty gusty wind. >> great get-together today in the city. salvation army held the annual luncheon and vanessa, you spent
5:21 pm
>> vanessa: it's a phenomenal facility an fun to see the work they are doing firsthand in boston, incredible work that they're doing and i got the honor of emceeing the luncheon. today was a celebration of the 12 greater boston area salvation army centers, and the lives that are truly being transformed by their efforts. the luncheon serves as a fund raiser to help families suffering domestic violence to break the cycle of domestic violence. >> mark: we'll have tom, yours truly, come on by, downtown crossing, drop some money in the bucket. >> mark: matt damon set to return to the campus of the institute that helped launch his acting career. what will he be doing at m.i.t. this spring. >> vanessa: also ahead, bad news, just days before the holidays, for hundreds of local workers, the big name company moving out of massachusetts and the other world renowned company
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>> but first, the new evidence that hints that the san bernardino shooters might have been plotting to kill for years.
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hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> mark: one of the san bernardino terrorists might have tried plotting an attack in 2012. terrifying allegations and the f.b.i. is now looking into them. here is what we know right now. syed rizwan farook is suspected of planning that terror attack
5:25 pm
same one accused buying the automatic weapons used in the california attacks. the f.b.i. believes a string of terror arrests in 2012 may have spooked the men and caused them to not follow through with their planned attack. >> vanessa: they pulled bodies from the rubble on september 11th, 2001. now, they're fighting congress. all new at 5:00 p.m., jacqueline feld shows which senators have not signed on to a bill to renew benefits for 9-11 responders. >> the 9-11 first responders health program expired at the end of october. although there's still money left to pay medical bills for first responders, they say they need congress to renew the program now. >> it's hard to talk about. you know. >> scott was one of the first police officers at ground zero on 9-11. he was forced to retire in 2005, suffering from sleep apnea and ptsd related to the carnage he saw on 9-11. >> we really didn't care about
5:26 pm
we just wanted to help. >> the reporter: he's on capitol hill fighting for congress to permanently provide health care benefits for first responders and survivors. despite a majority of senators signing on to a plan to renew the funds. 34 senators haven't signed on to the plan. many say they're concerned about how to pay for the program. >> there are a lot of sponsors, but you have aren't one of them. >> we're talking about the funding. we haven't seen it yet. if the funding is there, certainly i'll step up and be a sponsor. >> georgia's senator david purdue wants the program included in a year i year end budget. the money is not a guarantee and they say there shouldn't be debate about their health care. >> no compassion whatsoever. >> the reporter: house speaker paul ryan and house majority leader mitch mcconnell vote to go reauthorize the program. it's possible it could be renewed has part of an end of the year budget deal.
5:27 pm
fox 25 news. >> mark: a boston park will soon be named in honor of the youngest marathon bombing victim. sky fox flying over the area which will eventually become martin richard park, located near the children's museum. boston leaders expect the park to be redesigned and completed by 2017. martin was just eight years old when he died. the blasts also left his sister and mother severely injured. well, local soldier dad comes home from his yearlong deployment, and he had a big surprise waiting for his kids. >> vanessa: wait until you see what happened when he surprises his kids, who hadn't seen their father in a year. it is an absolutely incredible moment. you don't want to miss it at 5:45 p.m. here on fox 25 news. >> the reporter: an investigation underway into possible tampering, after a train sped away without its conductor on board. >> what happened if something would have happened on the scene.
5:28 pm
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crash, has affected a woman who was on wareham street and east grove street. we are being told the woman has been seriously injured. rescue cues are still on its scene, working to bring you more details on exactly what happened here. updating breaking news following all day long. a redline train with no operator putting passengers in serious danger. >> vanessa: just within the past hour, it appears operator error may be to blame. >> mark: this is a look inside the cab. we also know the train traveled nine minutes without a conductor. >> vanessa: it passed through four stations before the manhattan cut power being bringing it to a stop. >> mark: source telling fox 25 the operator of the train is david vasquez. >> the reporter: the mbta's first and foremost responsibility to its riders is to make sure that we keep them safe. as i think everyone knows by now, this morning, an incident occurred on the redline, that represents an unacceptable breach of our responsibility to keep our riders safe. >> vanessa: the operator, david vasquez, has been put on
5:31 pm
incident is fully investigated. >> mark: and new at 5:30 p.m., we are already taking a closer look into mbta protocol, and the measures in place meant to prevent an incident like this from happening. >> vanessa: stephanie quinu live at the braintree station and one expert told you about an old safety measure, he now wants to bring back. >> he's really pushing for this, vanessa, right here behind me, this is the train station where this all unfolded. you can see the traffic right here as folks are beginning to make their way back home. now, the transportation consultant was telling me before budget cuts, there used to be two conductors on every train. now, there's only one. and he was telling me, having that extra person really could have prevented this from happening. thousands of people tag the t he day. -- take the t every day, but today a major scare after a train sped away without its conductor on board at the t station. transportation consultant told
5:32 pm
conductor to get into the cab, turn the throttle from off to on and stay there. >> i just find that very unusual that a conductor would leave this cab. typically, they would radio to the tower that he was leaving the cap. >> we showed him this photo taken by a passenger on today's run away train. he said what he finds unusual is the key in the door. >> i would suspect that the cab would be active if the key were in the door. >> the reporter: if a train is out of control, a conductor can remove and automatically stop the train. but in this case, there was no conductor and the mbta who cut power to the third rail. >> that's usually the last resort, de-energizing the third rail to remove the power so the train can't move. train can only move with that third rail energized. >> sussman says there is a noor sift mechanism getting a lot of
5:33 pm
at 6:00 p.m., what some safety experts are calling a life-saving system. in braintree, stephanie quinu, fox 25 news. >> mark: riders on board the train were tweeting about the scare. carly anderson tweeted, currently trapped on my redline train. our conductor is mia. mbta just showed up and don't know where he is either. this is insane. if i never have to take the redline after today, i'll be completely fine with that. redline problem, scariest morning ever. just spoke with carly a short time ago. >> everything that's going on these days, you just, you know, did someone take over the train, is someone messing with it, so i don't know. it was just where did he go. who is supposed to be in the seat. >> when this news broke this morning, we alerted i you on the fox 25 app and the morning news to get breaking news, traffic, weather and other important information, download the fox 25
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is free-for-all devices. pet owners and their pups, that's right. hitting the beach, and taking a advantage of an absolutely gorgeous day in south boston, as they chase one another around there. fox meteorologist rob ike rt joins us. >> the reporter: in fact, check this out, our low temperature this morning, 43 degrees. the exact same number you would normally expect to have in the record, 64. we weren't that far off of this and these numbers will be kind of repeated here over the next couple of days. so if you like today's weather, you'll like the next couple of days. 50 degrees the current temperature right now in boston. visibility good in boston, but that is the no the case everywhere, but the other story is look at the numbers here. the next several hours we only dip back maybe to the mid 40's in boston. that's it. the only issue, we will be watching for some areas of dense fog, already have that in keene,
5:35 pm
until 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, otherwise partly cloudy skies through the night. we'll tab you canning you talking about records that could be in jeopardy tomorrow morning. >> vanessa: fox 25 is talking to a dog's family tonight. fox 25's malini basu live at the westford police department with the story. malini? >> the reporter: investigators here tell us the suspect here is a mother of two, the owners tell us, apparently, this mother did not like their 7-month-old puppy, because she barks too much, but what she didn't know, she was allegedly caught on camera, actually slipping some pills under the door within the last two hours or so, we met with the dog owners, you should be seeing them. the dog's owners tell us they were out shopping on black friday when they came home, they noticed their dog was acting very, very funny. the couple's granddaughter noticed something by the door, it was a napkin, with pills in it.
5:36 pm
35-year-old man slid it under the door and the dog ended up eating some of them. the pills include ibuprofen and paxil. >> when we came back, we noticed she was acting like, differently than norm ham. her hit was going very fast. her legs were like, giving out like she couldn't walk. >> and the family, of course, is heart broke especially since the building they live in, it's actually a home to all veterans. they live on carlisle road, a five unit apartment building, we're being told it's dedicated once again to those who served. the couple says the dog has been depression issues. now, off camera, we did speak to the suspect's husband. 6:00 p.m. in the meantime, we can also tell you that the wife has been released and she is facing charges. more on that at 6:00 p.m. for now, live in westford tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a new hampshire
5:37 pm
wrong way on the everett turnpike for more than ten miles while she was drunk. police used spike strips to stop 24-year-old chelsea courmier at the hooksett toll plaza. police dried her with charging while intoxicate. >> draft kings and fanduel are supporting massachusetts approaching to regulating the fantasy sports industry. laura healey wants age limits and advertising restrictions along with other rules to ensure players in massachusetts are protected. representatives from fantasy sports sites met with the massachusetts gaming commission today and called healey's proposed and proposed regulations reasonable. >> vanessa: pro gun lawmakers, ringing up the late ted kennedy for restrictions. how they're using the liberal lion for their cause. >> mark: a company that is it moving out of massachusetts as another company announces he's moving its headquarters into our state. >> vanessa: held captive for years.
5:38 pm
story. >> vanessa: the top rated podcast serial is back and in the second season, it's focus object u.s. soldier beau bergdahl. capped tour by the taliban, exchanged for taliban prisoners unit. >> mark: the top rated podcast and what we're hearing about the high profile and controversial prison swap. the producers of the podcast serial say this is the first time u.s. soldier beau bergdahl has told his side of the story
5:39 pm
in the first episode, bergdahl talks to filmmaker mark bowl about the moment he encountered the taliban fighters who took him prisoner after he walked away from his unit. >> there i was in in the open desert, around i'm about to outrun a bunch of motorcycles. so i couldn't do anything, against six or seven guys with ak-47. >> he discussed what his life was like during his five years as a prisoner of war and says he walked away from the u.s. base in afghanistan to get the attention of military and intelligence leaders: >> all i was seeing was basically, leadership failure to the points that the lives of the guys standing next to me were literally from what i could see, in danger of something seriously going wrong. >> the reporter: bergdahl was released in may of 2014, as part of pa controversial prisoner
5:40 pm
the u.s. exchanged five taliban detainees from guantanamo bay for bergdahl. the white house welcomed him home as a hero, but bergdahl was later accused of deserting his unit and endangering the lives of the soldiers who spent weeks searching for him. and now, in the new report, the house armed services committee accuses the obama administration of misleading congress and breaking federal law when it arranged that prisoner swap. >> mark: massachusetts company hopes this device will save lives in the battlefield and in local emergency rooms. the globe says arsenal medical of watertown has received $36 million in funding from the pentagon. the syringe has foam which is injected in to patients who have been shot in the less. it plug the wound until the victim can reach an operating room. arsenal medical hopes to launch clinical trials in two years. >> the reporter: missed a record bring six degrees this afternoon. where we might break records
5:41 pm
>> vanessa: it's a scene that never gets old. a local soldier surprises his family after a yearlong deployment. we'll show you their heartwarming reunion next how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums...
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then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
5:43 pm
the. >> mark: a. >> vanessa: a vermont neighborhood rocked by an explosion from a homemade bomb and police are looking for whoever is responsible. >> mark: the explosion happened last night in northfield and officials stay four people were hurt, including one person who was seriously injured. vermont state police say the explosion was from a homemade bomb. neighbors were shocked and confused when it happened. >> it was pretty crazy. there were a lot of people, we didn't exactly know what was going on. i don't think they did either. >> mark: police have not said whether anyone will be arrested. >> vanessa: the body of a missing new hampshire kayaker was found today on turkey pond in concord. 68-year-old john stapler was reported missing around
5:44 pm
marine rescue crews found his body this morning in 10 to 12 feet of water. fish and game officials safe he was found about 300 yards north of the st. paul school boat house. still no word on the cause of death. >> faulty ducks responsible for more than $2 million in damage to the portsmouth gas light restaurant. portsmouth, new hampshire fire investigators say the duck was attached to a wood fired oven. firefighters said a fire wall helped prevent the spread of flames to other buildings in the historic downtown section of the city. nobody was injured. >> vanessa: new hampshire is offering a one-time chance to anyone or any businesses that owe outstanding taxes. from now until february 15th, the state is it offering a chance to pay what's owed without the penalty that usually goes with it being late. the state hasty close to $24 million in outstanding taxes right now. >> the remains of a waltham veteran back home in massachusetts, 65 years after being killed in action. sergeant robert dakens body was given a state police and waltham police escort from logan airport.
5:45 pm
seen. he died in the korean war. a wake for him is set for friday night in waltham. >> vanessa: a touching moment of a soldier reuniting with his family for the holidays. that surprise happened earlier school. our cameras were there to capture the nervous moments leading right up to that big reveal. there was magic in the air at john williams elementary school. that 7-year-old tristin sitting on santa's lap and in the giant blue box next to him is his father matthew. >> the plan is to have me in the box and have the principal go over a poem she wrote. >> she worked late one night. i wonder how to thank those who are doing what is right.
5:46 pm
box. and he's going to come open the box and i'll be in it. let's get this over with, because i'm really nervous and probably going to cry. >> and he did. >> i'm tristin's dad. i just got back from korea. i've been gone for a year. >> it's all right. yeah. thank you so much for doing that for us. >> he's six years old and that's what he wants for christmas, instead of anything in the world. he just wanted his dad home. >> as is the life of a military family, they'll be on the move again, in january, they'll be relocating to washington, but for now, being home for this holiday, there's no time like the presents. >> >> vanessa: what a christmas it will be for that family, specialist soldier said it took him 36 hours between flights and layovers to flight back for today's reunion and it was also exactly one year ago today that
5:47 pm
>> mark: a lot of lomo love there when you see the kid's reaction. a lot of time you see the soldiers come home, boy, melted his heart. rob eichert, top that one. >> the reporter: i can't. a heartwarming storm but i can give you -- and everywhere warming record. we have records that will be close to breaking as we head through the course of the weekend. 68 is our record tomorrow in boston. got the same number for saturday. that's out of reach, but our record high temperatures for sunday are more reasonable. 63 the record high for sunday in boston. 61 in concord and 63 in providence, but what makes sunday tricky, we'll have cooler weather invading from the north and the cooler will settle down boston area. further you go in southern new england, the better chance you have of breaking the record, so providence, 63. that will fall. hartford, 60. that one will probably fall on sunday. but the record probably because barely out of reach in the
5:48 pm
things kind of fall off the cliff as we head into tuesday, but even still, 52 on tuesday. really not bad for this time of year. we would normally be in the low 40's for the middle part of december. currently got 50 did he have grassy right now in boston. winds are light, visibility good in boston. temperatures will stay very mild through the night, only dropping maybe to the mid 40's for an overnight low temperature, but keene, slightly different story there. 41 degrees an we've got no wind and fog is building up, in fact, zero visibility, so really dense in keene and that's likely to be the case through most of the night. temperatures will hold steady around the 40-degree mark, but fog with us until 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. very hit or miss. i don't think it will be widespread enough to really interfere with your monday morning or friday morning commute. tgif. friday morning commute, but i still think, again, something to keep in mind for friday morning. meantime, up above that fog, i already have high thin clouds streaming in from the west, and we'll see those from time to time during the day on friday.
5:49 pm
clouds and sun. think it will be like today, probably a little more cloud cover not morning and more sunshine in the afternoon, but here comes the front and that front will hang out just barely sunday, and on sunday, it's going to kind of split the area in half and again, a little cooler north of boston, still that's sunday. but milder weather returns to into monday. here's our next big another front, this one coming in also from the great lakes region, but this one packing a lot more moisture and with that, a good chance of rain and it looks like middle of the night, overnight monday into tuesday morning, and then behind that front, that's the front that will bring us the cooler weather our unusually warm spell here and there's your seven-day forecast withest weekend always in view. 58 on sunday. let me point out the morning temperatures, in the bottom there. low 40's, it will be warmer in the morning, than you would normally expect to have in the he will of the afternoon.
5:50 pm
best chance of rain monday night into tuesday and that will be wind. behind that, temperatures still mild for december, but more realistic for wednesday. >> mark: it has gone from bad to worse in the pacific northwest with forecasters saying the area will get hit with more rain today after days of storms left two people dead. high winds, mudslides, flooded rivers, and power outages have impacted washington and oregon all this week. police warning drivers to stay off the roads if possible. and now the region is bracing for the next storm expected to continue through the weekend. >> there's a lot of serious concern about what could lap if, you know, if it's the perfect storm, so to speak. >> and at its peak, the storm knocked out power to 100,000 people. washington state governor jay insly has declared a state of emergency and is considering deploying the national guard. >> vanessa: a redline train
5:51 pm
operate -- the interview you'll only see on fox 25, with the man to kicked open the cabin door to find it empty. why pro-gun lawmakers are using late massachusetts senator ted kennedy's name in the fight against new restrictions on firearms. >> mark: first, next and new at 5:00 p.m., the "boston globe" is
5:52 pm
we'll show you wher there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center specializing in you. >> >> vanessa: after 109 years, a long-standing massachusetts company is moving out-of-state.
5:53 pm
polar tech is likely to complete its move in the next 18 months. the company is expected to move to tennessee, where it recently acquired another company. according to the "eagle-tribune," lawrence meridan yell riviera said the tennessee purchase would be for expansion, not relocation. the "boston globe" is going to be returning to its downtown roots. the newspaper will move from its current headquarters on morrissey boulevard in dorchester to a new location on state street in 2017. the globe says the move will help its journalists by putting them within walking distances of city hall, and many corporate offices. >> vanessa: the company ranked the ninth biggest in the word by forbes is looking for spots in the seaport. it could bring many jobs to the area. g.e. is considering moving to new york and providence. >> mark: renters across the u.s. are struggling to afford their monthly payments.
5:54 pm
about 30% of monthly income on housing and a new harvard study shows more than 21 million people spend more than that and a quarter of those spend more than 50%. analysts say this is because rent costs are rising much faster than wages. first of three car max used car dealers is open in the greater boston area this morning with the grand opening for the new norwood dealership part of the auto mile on the boston providence turnpike. a dealership in westborough will open this coming summer and one if danvers tomorrow. >> vanessa: press obama marking a significant change in education. today he signed into law the every student succeeds act as fox 25 has been reporting all week, it rolls back federal incentives and penalties tied to student testing under the no child left behind act. most changes will start to take effect next fall. other provisions would be implemented in the 2017-2018 school year. 20% of children over the age of five have abnormal cholesterol readings.
5:55 pm
the majority of those kids do not have enough of the good cholesterol, which can clear arteries and too much of the bad cholesterol, which blocks arteries. this information was collected from 2011 to 2014. >> mark: will hunting is coming back to m.i.t. matt damon has been selected to deliver mi t's address. damon who is from cambridge says it was an honor to be named speaker at a school i couldn't have got den into. did he get into harvard. m.i.t.'s class president says damon is an inspiration to students. now at 6:00 p.m., panicked passengers survive a scary ride on a ghost train. >> i have opened the door and when i entered there, i saw an empty cabin. >> the reporter: hear exclusively from one of the people on board the run ray wave train. he opened the door and found no operator. >> mark: where the operator was when his train took off without him that has the mbta taking yet another hit.
5:56 pm
>> mark: how the train finally stopped. >> >> the reporter: 60's across parts of new england today. how warm this warm weather will last. >> vanessa: plus, happening now, donald trump is in new hampshire. the event filled with protesters before the doors even opened. >> vanessa: within the past two hours, the mbta admit operator error is likely to blame for a redline train that took off and blew through self-defense stops with panicked passengers, but without an -- through several stops, with panicked pat injuries, --passengers, but without conductor. >> mark: we know the train traveled for nine minutes over several miles with nobody behind the controls. it passed through four stations before the mbta cut power, bringing it to a stop. thankfully, none of the approximately 50 passengers on boards were injured. fox 25 made several phone calls
5:57 pm
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